Stop Being Hypocrites, Feminists

That’s going to get people’s attention.

I want to talk about something which has been on my mind a lot recently. I haven’t really figured out how to put it into words, as it’s one of those things which you need to just say right otherwise you could suffer tons of backlash. However, I think this morning I found how to put it.

A lot of feminists are hypocrites.

A bold statement, I know, however notice how I said “a lot” rather than “all”. I don’t make generalisations. To say that would be, well, stupid, because it’s untrue; I know a ton of people who identify themselves as feminists, male and female, who are all lovely and level-headed. But I have noticed so much hypocrisy running through feminism lately that I just had to write about it. Continue reading

A Comprehensive List of All Upcoming Superhero Movies: 2015-2020

Earlier today, Marvel Studios blew up the internet.

It’s well-documented on this blog that I’m a huge superhero and film geek and it’s surprisingly rare how often I get to actually talk about those things. Today is going to be one of those rare occasions.

Earlier today, Marvel hosted a big mysterious press/fan event in LA. People suspected it would be about the future of Marvel movies, in retaliation to the announcement of DC’s big film slate last week, and they were right. They screened the Age of Ultron trailer which debuted less than a week ago and has since been viewed 70 million times, and then went through the nine new movies they were announcing from 2016-2019. It was a fantastic hour on Twitter and I must have made over 100 retweets. Continue reading

Read More

One thing I see on nearly every blog I follow is the lack of a ‘Read More’ tag.

It’s what makes your front page clean and look organised, professional. By displaying entire articles on your front page it looks somewhat unprofessional and could turn away potential readers. When I first started blogging, I admittedly was putting up entire articles on my front page for weeks and was always looking for a piece of code to throw in which would organise them better.

I have a basic knowledge of coding. I’ve been an online journalist for three years, and a lot of the time that consisted of boosting my knowledge of which HTML to use to make your site or article look neater. I’m not a “le supreme computing god” but I know the basic tags for making text bold, in italics, colourising it, underlining it, hiding it etc.

So, click ‘Read More’ to find out how to, uh, click ‘Read More’ on your posts! Continue reading


I’ve only written seven posts over the course of October.


Well, this will be the eighth, as it is the 27th of October today.

Anyway, hello again people. Lovely to type to you. I’m on holiday. Not like, vacation/abroad-type holiday; it’s half-term, which if you’re outside of the UK is quite literally a half-term. It’s the mid point in the term where you take a week off to rest, and then go back to school for the rest of the term. Unfortunately, when you reach Year 11 you really don’t get an awful lot of holiday time, aside from probably Christmas. Guess what you have to spend your spare time doing?

Revision! Continue reading

Parents Evening

I’ve become slightly stuck for topics on this blog lately. I still love writing of course, but it’s the reason why there’s been a lot less content going up (that and an insurmountable amount of homework).

Which is why I’m writing about…. Parents Evening!

If you’re not in the UK and have no idea what that is, then it’s basically an evening where parents book appointments with your teachers and they go through their progress and how they’re getting on etc. Often the kid attends too, as I did last night. Continue reading

I Still Don’t Have a Camera

This is really starting to piss me off now.

In August I noticed a fault with my camera. When shooting on a Canon DSLR, there are several different shooting modes which can be interchanged via a dial on the left hand side. The preferred shooting side for filming is ‘M,’ which doesn’t stand for ‘movie’ (I thought it did at first), but rather ‘Manual’. This means that you can control all the different settings like lighting, audio, style etc before you compose your shot rather than the camera doing it for you.

For some reason, sometimes whilst shooting on that recurring thick green lines would roll up and down the screen. They actually recorded onto the footage, as well, so it wasn’t a monitor issue. This didn’t happen all the time and I managed to shoot lots of footage without encountering the problem, but when I actually had to use a different shooting mode in the production of my short film for a certain scene which drastically affected the quality, I’d had enough. Continue reading


I’m always wary of writing these types of articles. I have tendencies to drift into “teenage tumblr girl mode” which I always try to avoid; some of my earlier work was like that and it has been now either deleted or heavily edited. That isn’t me (mainly) and I don’t want people to think of me as such. That ‘itz ok 2 b diferent lol” video? That’s gone. It misrepresented my channel plus I think the content and title were pretty… Yeah.

Don’t get me wrong – I feel like my best posts are when I’m writing about personal matters. This is going to be one such post. I just have to write it well. Continue reading