My Melancholy Day

I think melancholy has creeped its way up into my favourite words list.

It sounds so intelligent and sophisticated; melancholy. Something that you’d find in an old English book – just like me, probably.

I’ve been off school today. I woke up feeling disorientated and sick, and my mum came into my room to tell me that I was shouting out my email address in my sleep.


I got to catch up on some work I needed to do for today and homework for tomorrow which was a good thing, and of course relax since all the government-allocated “relax time” I’ve had lately hasn’t been particularly relaxing. However, for some reason the past few days have been, as said earlier, melancholy. If you don’t know what that means then here’s the definition:

a feeling of pensive sadness, typically with no obvious cause.

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ASOIAF Theory Time: Davos and Storm’s End in The Winds of Winter

I know that most of you are already formulating snarky responses to the title, but hear me out.

We know that in The Winds of Winter, Davos will arrive in Skagos to retrieve Rickon Stark and return him to Winterfell. That was the cliffhanger during A Dance with Dragons, and as there is still a considerable amount of the book left after Davos’ last chapter, it’s easy to assume that his TWOW storyline will take place concurrent with events during ADWD. i.e: by the time Davos is out of Skagos with Rickon, the Battle of Winterfell is likely shaping up.

I don’t think there’s any option that he won’t return Rickon. It makes narrative sense – to send Davos to Skagos and have him return empty-handed or die there would be utterly pointless and a waste of valuable pages. This would mean that Davos reunites with Stannis early on in the story. Job done, right? Continue reading

Top 5 “Great” Things About Britain

New video! New video!

I know it’s been a while, but there’s one here now. My channel is so far a mixture of geeky movie vlogs and normal vlogs, and I wanted to make one that would really entertain people and keep them coming back for more. Sure, I know people are entertained already, but there’s always room for improvement…

In this video I take a look at 5 “great” things about Britain – the speech marks indicate that those great things aren’t really great and it’s actually a completely sarcastic video. However, I’m proud of it and I think it’s the best one I’ve made (aside from a few editing errors). Watch it after the jump… Continue reading

The Meeting


Sorry I’ve been inactive for a few days but, y’know, I’ve been busy.

So this morning was the morning of which I have been building up to as, ‘The Meeting’. Said meeting was between myself, a few of my cast members for The Prefects and the headteacher. For those of you who don’t know, The Prefects is the short film I’m making for the school about the, uh, Prefects, and I needed to get the headteacher to sign off on the script itself and appearing in it.

I’ve been very worried about this meeting for the past week because the script is very silly and comedic. If you were reading it on a bad day, you might even think it pokes fun at the Prefects (it does in a way). I was worried that he would say it sounded ridiculous and he didn’t want to embarrass the school at all by this, but the meeting had to be done. To kind of lighten my load and convince him a little more I told some of the cast to come as well – they were all Prefects, and a few of them are Senior Prefects whom he likes very much. Continue reading

Filming Equipment 2.0

Haha! I’m tricking you into reading more of my complaints about filming equipment and why it’s all annoying but at the same time exciting.


Today was the first day of production on The Prefects. It wasn’t a massive deal to most of the others, but it was for me because this is my first short film. If I ever become slightly famous (something which I’m trying very very very hard for) then this is going to be a film which a lot of people will see and judge, so it has to be good. Very good, and right now, the film is way too big for a start-up project.

It ends with a fucking action sequence! Continue reading

Holiday Planning

Da da dee da da doo da da dum


I’m currently doing something with a group of friends which I never thought I would be doing at this age – holiday planning. I’m a pretty sensible and responsible guy as far as things go, and ‘Normal Jasper’ would usually go ‘whaaaaaat’ at the prospect of me going on holiday next summer after exams are done. Abroad. Without family. Eek.

This is especially a bigger deal for me because I’ve never actually been on a plane before. Neva eva. Everyone else in the Facebook chat has, so it’s easier and more routine for them, but for me it’s kinda scary. Continue reading

Filming Equipment

For those of you who are normal, you’ll probably be completely uninterested in this blog post, and those people make up pretty much the entirety of my small audience. So, yay.


As you all know, I’m gearing up to make my first short film this week. Filming begins on either Tuesday or Wednesday and on Friday morning I have a meeting with the Headteacher to read through and discuss the script and get him to sign off on it. That’ll be fun.

I suppose I’ve left this really late and should have got this all together over the summer, but I’ve picked up an obsession for filming equipment. Continue reading