How To Be a Teenager

It’s finally here.

I mean, I haven’t been hyping it up or anything. Not on here anyway. At school I have. It’s something I’ve been planning and intending to make since before I sent my camera away…

So here it is.

How to be a teenager! Continue reading

A Particular Dream of Mine

I’ve talked so much about wanting to make films when I’m older that the majority of people can’t see me doing anything else.

That goes for my readers on here and people I know in real life. Since I was around four years old, I have said “I want to be a director”; eleven years later and I’m sticking to that. It is without a doubt the thing I want to do. I enjoy it, I’ve spent a lot of time working at it, and I’m just now starting to develop my filmmaking skills.

So, it may surprise some people to learn that if that fails miserably, I have a back-up plan. Well, not so much a back-up plan as I doubt it will ever happen and will probably be far too much hard work. But, it’s a dream of mine and something I feel passionately about. Continue reading

Some Updates

So, aside from dressing up as Batman and running around school with lightsabers, I’ve been rather busy lately.

Since I got my camera back I’ve been ploughing ahead with production on my short film. After months of camera and editing work, I finally have gotten the hang of this thing. Sort of. I can shoot scenes with relative ease now, knowing that it hopefully won’t look terrible and I won’t have to re-shoot it all at a later date.

Today was the filming of a scene which I’ve been anticipating and trying to organise for a long time. It’s the opening of the movie, where one of the main characters gets chased and hounded by a group of rabid fans. The irony of it is this character is relatively¬†unpopular (in the narrative context and in real life) and isn’t some kind of male sex symbol as he is presented as in the film (he’s signed off on this, I’m not being harsh!). I used to just think he was an annoying nerd but after spending lots of time with him he’s pretty cool. Continue reading

Batman and Robin

I like days like these.

When I say that, I’m referring to non-school uniform days. Not just because you don’t have to wear uniform but because with my school they’re usually themed. Today was Dress up as a Superhero Day.

In truth, I only remembered it was on Monday, so I didn’t have time to plan. Last year myself and a friend came in as Batman and Robin. Here’s a photo of us both with the caption, “you can’t outrun justice”. Continue reading

Why #MenimistTwitter Was a Bad Thing

I do feel kinda bad that I didn’t come up with this name last time since it seems so obvious.

So, last week I wrote a fairly controversial article titled Stop Being Hypocrites, Feminists. In hindsight it was a pretty dreadful title. There were people agreeing with it, disagreeing with it, slamming me for it; it somehow managed to circulate around a wide number of people at school and I haven’t exactly had people coming up to me saying “YOU’RE ANTI-FEMINIST DQSHDQSSOSJSJ”, fortunately. Because that isn’t true, at all, and it irritates me that I have to explain it all over again however a recent Twitter trend has allowed me to so tastefully (to an extent).

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The Dreaded ISA

Hello. Hello. Hi.

It’s well-recounted on this blog how much I despise the subject of Science. It’s just so inherently evil and whenever I have to study for it or do homework for it I cringe and gag because I hate it. I can’t wait until I finish school next summer and never, ever have to touch a Science book or paper or anything ever again. It will be beautiful. I think I might burn my books along with all my Spanish work.

Anyway, this year we switched to a new exam board from our old one and as a result of that not all of our GCSE is exam-based. We complete different controlled assessments throughout the year for the different subjects called ISA’s. I’m still not entirely sure what that stands for. Continue reading

ASOIAF Theory Time: Aemon the Dragonknight and Jaime’s Fate

Part of the fun of A Song of Ice and Fire is all the little clues and repetition hidden in the narrative. George R.R. Martin consciously makes certain events “rhyme” with previous ones, and certain characters are reminiscent of those long dead. Not only is this interesting from a trivia perspective, it also allows us to guess and discover hints towards the future plot developments of the main characters.

In my opinion, the most notable character comparisons one can make within the context of ASOIAF are the following: Aegon IV/Robert Baratheon and Aemon the Dragonknight/Jaime Lannister. These characters are not identical to one another, however there are strong similarities and events and characteristics are twisted or flipped around for their modern counterparts. Continue reading