The Second Day

For the record, pretty much all of my posts this week will be about mocks.

Today was the second day, as the title states. I had my History of Medicine (that is indeed History folks) exam and my Biology exam. For some reason, I was incredibly nervous about the former. I’m relatively decent at History so I shouldn’t have been worried, but it was just the knowledge aspect. We haven’t studied Medicine since Year 10 and have only recently begun to start revision classes for it. We’ve been studying post-World War One Germany since the beginning of Year 11.

I let History slip to the side to focus on Science, and on Sunday it dawned on me that I knew nothing. I didn’t know about any of the required historical figures for the exam and had forgotten all relevant information. I was screwed.

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The First Day

Today I completed my first two mock exams.

As with all exams ever, they were horrible. It was Maths and English – one I’m good at, one I’m not. Can you guess which?

Maths was first thing this morning and… Well, I did okay. For me. It was a very hard paper, and almost everyone was complaining about how difficult they found it when they got out. I take Foundation Maths rather than Higher like the majority of the year but it was still very hard. A C grade is the highest you can get on a Foundation paper, and to achieve that you need to get 75% correct (75 marks, as it’s out of 100). I counted up all the potential marks I could get based on how many questions I answered and it was somewhere in the eighties. Based on that, I think a high D is much more likely than a low C. Continue reading


They have begun.

Well, not for me. I don’t have any exams today, fortunately.

But other people do, and I wish them the best of luck. As is the norm for Year 11, we are currently undertaking mock internal exams to prepare us for the real thing and find out where people’s strengths and weaknesses are. The only subject I don’t have a mock for is Drama because… well, I don’t know why actually.
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How To Be a Teenager

It’s finally here.

I mean, I haven’t been hyping it up or anything. Not on here anyway. At school I have. It’s something I’ve been planning and intending to make since before I sent my camera away…

So here it is.

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A Particular Dream of Mine

I’ve talked so much about wanting to make films when I’m older that the majority of people can’t see me doing anything else.

That goes for my readers on here and people I know in real life. Since I was around four years old, I have said “I want to be a director”; eleven years later and I’m sticking to that. It is without a doubt the thing I want to do. I enjoy it, I’ve spent a lot of time working at it, and I’m just now starting to develop my filmmaking skills.

So, it may surprise some people to learn that if that fails miserably, I have a back-up plan. Well, not so much a back-up plan as I doubt it will ever happen and will probably be far too much hard work. But, it’s a dream of mine and something I feel passionately about. Continue reading

Some Updates

So, aside from dressing up as Batman and running around school with lightsabers, I’ve been rather busy lately.

Since I got my camera back I’ve been ploughing ahead with production on my short film. After months of camera and editing work, I finally have gotten the hang of this thing. Sort of. I can shoot scenes with relative ease now, knowing that it hopefully won’t look terrible and I won’t have to re-shoot it all at a later date.

Today was the filming of a scene which I’ve been anticipating and trying to organise for a long time. It’s the opening of the movie, where one of the main characters gets chased and hounded by a group of rabid fans. The irony of it is this character is relatively¬†unpopular (in the narrative context and in real life) and isn’t some kind of male sex symbol as he is presented as in the film (he’s signed off on this, I’m not being harsh!). I used to just think he was an annoying nerd but after spending lots of time with him he’s pretty cool. Continue reading

Batman and Robin

I like days like these.

When I say that, I’m referring to non-school uniform days. Not just because you don’t have to wear uniform but because with my school they’re usually themed. Today was Dress up as a Superhero Day.

In truth, I only remembered it was on Monday, so I didn’t have time to plan. Last year myself and a friend came in as Batman and Robin. Here’s a photo of us both with the caption, “you can’t outrun justice”. Continue reading