Custody Battle

As you are all well aware (probably), I make Youtube videos for fun. Vlogs mostly, however I am slowly transitioning into short filmmaking and have a few scripts typed up which are then going to be filmed and acted and edited and uploaded to the internet repeatedly until I get decent. It takes a long time to prepare a film; you have to write it, which usually involves re-writing it multiple times, then get the actors, then arrange shooting dates which you can all attend, film it (which always takes longer than expected), edit it and release it. On top of that you have technical issues which may arise – the lighting isn’t right, you need better audio – a whole host of things which can cause great irritance.

That being said, I do quite enjoy the whole process.

However, sometimes it’s just a lot easier and much more fun to write something short and make it in a day with a friend. I have mentioned several times how I want to make “fun stuff” and that wish finally came about with Custody Battle. Continue reading


I can’t be the only writer/filmmaker/creative person who finds it incredibly strange that a medium which we are all so enthralled by and dominated by in our lives is one which we know so little about.

Think about the world’s general interests; politics, sport, food etc. We all have some general understanding of our respective political systems, of how to play football or rugby and how to prepare food. Another one of those interests is stories. You would be hard-pressed to find someone who has never read a book, watched a play, movie or TV show – unless you go to the far, impoverished corners of the world. Yet I specifically said stories, and even in those areas stories dominate people’s lives; ones passed down from generation to generation, old folk tales and fables. We are a culture predominantly obsessed with storytelling.
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Two Months Later

What a mysterious title. Like something that would be stuck at the beginning of a movie or a book. Or the middle. Or the end. Just somewhere in one of those.

And this is my story, in a way, so I suppose it’s fitting (that sentence will be particularly fitting with my next post). My entire life is a story, yes, so this is a sub-plot of that story – one which began two months ago yesterday on the 16th of December 2014. That was the day which I started dieting in an effort to get myself down to a relatively OK size, and a little bit of time later I’m here to share some results with you all. Continue reading


I’m not entirely sure how to open these things anymore.

Why do I blog? I began back in August because I wanted to try and create an online profile for myself which could be used to potentially boost myself to minor-internet-celebrity status so I could use that as a platform for filmmaking and hit it off from there. I do still do Youtube, yeah, and I’m getting close to 100 subscribers. That’s a big number I think.

However, I don’t blog as much as I used to, and I certainly don’t vlog as much. The pressures of Year 11 life have crept up and snatched me and it’s ripped away the parts of my life which I enjoy.

Okay, that isn’t entirely true. Continue reading

A (Late) Breakdown of the GAME OF THRONES Season 5 Trailer

Almost two weeks ago now Game of Thrones hit IMAX theaters in the states with epic feature-length showings of the final two episodes of Season 4. Alongside watching two fantastic and visually delicious episodes in glorious IMAX, the first trailer for the upcoming Season 5 was promised. As ever, it was inevitable that people would film the trailer on their phone or camera and leak it, and on Friday morning I woke up to watch the recorded version of the trailer (it was actually fairly decent quality).

Later in the day the trailer was released, and since then loyal fans (such as myself) have been endlessly picking apart the trailer in hope of gleaming some plot details for Season 5, as diversions from the books have become so prominent by this point that half the story in this season will likely be original.

Last week my friend Oscar – a show watcher who has begun reading the books – suggested that me, him and our friend Matt – my ASOIAF buddy – break down the trailer in a video for my channel. It sounded like a great idea and on Saturday we filmed it. Continue reading

New Camera Things

Hello again. How long has it been? A week? Two? I don’t know. Some length of time.

It’s February now, which means we are officially in to the 2015 year – if we weren’t already (which we were). Actually, that was stupid. Forget I said that.

Last week (Thursday to be precise) during the official-unofficial-2015-year I got four new pieces of filmmaking equipment which will be incredibly useful to me going forward and I figured I should talk about it. Continue reading



I haven’t been here for a long time.

This was unintentional on my part, of course. If I could have been blogging then I would have. Lots and lots of things to have been blogging about recently because January has been an incredibly busy month. So busy that it feels like half a year ago I came back to school, when in reality it was two weeks ago.

You know what else was two weeks ago? My last blog post. I would include a hyperlink but there really isn’t any point since it’s just below this one. Scroll a teensy bit. Yep. There you go. Continue reading